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I do get around.  As you can see from this photo, I sometimes I have to travel quite a distance to get to a party.  This photo was taken from the little tent where I and a henna painter named Nazma were set up.  (Nazma means star in Arabic.)  We were in the backyard of a well-appointed house, celebrating the oldest daughter’s 29th birthday. Now, where would this party last week have been?  Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt?  Close.  Mount Prospect.  You drive West on Lake on the North Shore and then South on Wolf and you’re almost there.

So it was Camels in the backyard in Mt. Prospect. You can rent camels with their attendants for an afternoon, find them on the Internet.  Who knew.  There were two camels but only one had the honor of giving the guests a ride.  The second camel was indisposed or just didn’t consider this ride business to be much of an honor that afternoon.  The birthday girl thought camels would be more fun than the old petting zoo with sheep and ponies.  Besides, the family was Lebanese.  Lovely people, very hospitable and warm. Medicine seemed to be the preferred career choice for many.  There were four younger sisters and I hope they will think of me when their birthday parties are being planned.  Think caricatures and camels!  Thank you, Sandy!

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