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Cab Vag was back after taking off for the summer, when actors tend to roam the country in what’s cringingly called summer stock.  We heard about one such adventure in Maine.  Good to be back!  Good to be back on the 6th floor of the D.A.N.K.  house in Lincoln Square, a very venerable venue but  sufficiently  seedy for a cabaret.  I am privileged to be the caricaturist of choice in this “atmosphere of experimentation and provocative entertainment,”  as they say on their web site.

“Failure is encouraged. Experimentation is required.”  I stole that from Cab Vag and wrote it on the board at my drawing class. My students gave me worried glances. That’s how it is.  When you’re an artist, people worry about you—in a peripheral sort of way.

Read all about Cabaret Vagabond at http://www.cabaretvagabond.com/about_who.html   and see my post here for June 15.

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