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Cornfields, larks and clouds.  Wholesome country with dramatic weather changes.  This was a high school graduation open house, with me set up on the patio and moving into the garage when the fat rain drops started coming down.  Everybody helped with the move. Kids were the priority, as always, but once the adults saw the drawings, they were eager to be drawn, too.

Drawing in just a black line as opposed to full color is very exciting for me, because it goes so fast and all the expression has to be there in just a few lines.  A dynamic drawing in b/w is harder to pull off because of its apparent simplicity—but as an artist I love the intensity.  The general public, however, responds to color more, because color brings with it all that wide-screen pizzazz that we’re used to in our movies.

Here are just a few samples from that day.—————————————–

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