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This young computer company is located in a leafy corporate park in Lombard.  The offices are spacious with good art on the walls. Dress is casual. Hey, everybody knows that we do our best thinking when we’re wearing sandals!  The reception area in the front is comfortably furnished but it needed something distinctive on the walls.  Ta-tah!  The office manager thought of caricatures.  She organized a little Friday lunch on the grounds and invited me to draw all of these thirty clever people, which I did amid much chatting in three hours. I thoroughly enjoyed this crowd.

I haven’t talked about technique in a while.  Here’s a tip when you judge a caricature:  few lines, the fewer 13SinglePath4bthe better.  That’s why I put Marty in the lead position here.  Few lines AND it looks like him.  The likeness, of course, is key.  If it doesn’t look like the person…well, what can you say, it’s embarrassing and a waste of T & M.  To get a likeness in a few minutes, like 3 or 4 (which was the case here), takes a lot of practice and then a lot of concentration. I love this work.

Here’s what the incomplete display looked like that afternoon.  Thank you, Laura!


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