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Here’s what you need for a successful party: balloons, food and that famous caricaturist Whatsername.  We were partying in the Hillview Government Center in Louisville to celebrate Jim’s 75th birthday.  One of his daughters flew in from Colorado to organize this generous bash.  And generous it was! Sumptuous! Though I don’t eat when I work, I could tell that everybody loved the food.  You can eat while I draw.  It only takes about a minute of your attention for me to get the gist of your face and then I go to work for a few more minutes. Doesn’t take long. Not even color takes long, about 5 minutes per person, and color is so much fun.  This was a great party.  Everybody got into it, everybody loved the drawings.  So rewarding for everybody –and for me!  Thank you, Michelle!

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All that was all fun, but what happened on the paper when I had these two brothers across the table from me was, well, beyond my control:

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