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I love it when people clown for me, when they’re not the shape they want to be and ask for more glamorous proportions or when they go to yoga three times a week and then tell me to “make me hot.”  Especially if this is done in a posh office building just off Michigan Avenue for a huge, prestigious company.  The view is great, inside and out.  We were having an extended lunch period on the 14th floor, with great catering, funny videos from daily life in the firm and—ta-tah, caricatures by me!   What better way to show the company’s appreciation for its support staff.  This turned out to be all women, except for one lone male, a good sport.  I drew twenty-five vivacious people in two-and-a-half hours, all the while competing with fabulous food and funny bits on the video screen, no mean task.  Uproarious laughter.   Loved it.    Thanks, Colleen

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