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A child’s first birthday is universally celebrated. It’s a big deal, all around the world.  Happy Birthday, Alexandra!  Look how much you’ve learned, look how big you are, look how you’ve survived all those sniffles and runny noses, we know it’s not easy. It’s all amazing. And look, you can walk! From now on, it’s a piece of cake.

Thank you, Lupe!  Here are some pictures from that wonderful party.  Little Alexandra did get drawn, but I have no photo of her, she was busy attending to her guests.

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Next, “Hairy Harry” and the artist who took him up on his idea.  Thank you Harry, I love it when people GET it.  Give me ideas, any time!  And, btw, when I open my mouth like that, I’m not screaming, just hamming it up for the camera.

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