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After the three-quarters of a mile long private drive way came the gate, the gardens , the big house, the coach house, and finally the pool house. After the pool house came the veranda, then the pool and then greenery as far as the eye could see. We were celebrating the host’s birthday, something with a zero in it. These people had found me because they had saved the drawing I did of them SEVENTEEN years ago (in Winnetka) and my signature was clearly legible on the drawing. They displayed the 1997 drawing in a grandiose baroque frame. I love it!
In my drawings nobody every gains weight, well, the guys do sometimes but women stay 36-22-36. All their lives, it’s a rule, I know where my bread is 14ClubLeahyBbuttered. The guys get to bear the burden of the humor and, gentlemen and scholars all,  they know how to take it. They shrug when I explain this, “well, yeah, that’s how it is.”
Fabulous party, thank you, Cathy! I drew thirty-three people in 2½ hours. Here are a few of them.
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