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The family flies in from Upper Michigan to vacation in Chicago.  It’s early August.  The mom, a sophisticated woman with my taste in clothes, realizes that this may be a good time to contact an artist.  With a population of around 800, their town offers great nature outings for the kids, but a selection of caricature artists, not so much.  Hey, we’re going to Chicago!  Let’s get ourselves drawn there!  Easy.

We set up a meeting at the Cultural Center where I sketched them and immediately got the work approved.  At the drawing table in my studio, I worked out the composition.  I received a photo of the two Havanese, who were described as mischievous, for one, and matronly, for the other and I enjoyed getting their personalities.   What a great project!

The original drawing, 11 x 14, will be framed and hung at a spot that mom already had picked out. In addition, it will be printed up as this year’s Christmas Card.  No color, they said. I will be an elegant Christmas Card from an elegant family.  Thank you Merle and Charlotte!

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