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Kappy’s, on Dempster at Harlem,  is a family restaurant owned and operated by an extended family. One of the brothers, Manolis, came up with the idea of getting caricatures of all the staff and then framing the drawings in the restaurant.  He had seen my work of Chicago Celebrities at Petterino’s in downtown Chicago.  The art of caricature is associated with celebrity, always has been. Think movie stars, politicians, royalty, Vanity Fair.  By getting caricatures of his wait staff, greeters, cooks, and busboys Manolis was telling them that he thinks they rock.  Morale is everything, after all.

The other brother, George, is at Kappy’s all the time, greeting people by name and making sure everybody’s happy. The place is obviously popular, it was packed.  I was set up in a corner of the restaurant by the windows and enjoyed watching the dynamics.  I did the drawings in two sessions, accommodating two shifts.  Friends and family of the owners also dropped in to get drawn by me.  All in all, a most rewarding experience. If you’re ever in the area and want a wholesome plentiful meal, stop in at Kappys.  And then look at my drawings in the hallway.  Thanks Manolis and George!

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Speaking of morale.  Bob was moved to another market or another town…I never quite get those interoffice details.  No matter.  You can tell, he’s important.  The company feels it’s important to take note of accomplishments and milestones in a person’s career. This builds morale not only among those who are celebrated in this way, but, I’ll bet you anything, also among those who are involved in the gift giving.  A mild caricature like this is a very personal, heart-felt gift.  Congratulations, Bob!  Thank you, Violetta!

All contents copyright (C) 2010 Katherine Hilden. All rights reserved.




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