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We’re back on Mt. Adams in Cincinnati.


Here are four I didn’t show in the last post. And that’s because for these, color was crucial.  It’s all about hair.

I love drawing a couple where he is bald and she has long blond hair.  But this only works in color.  Imagine if her strands of wafting hair behind his dome were just horizontal wavy lines.  Wouldn’t work.  But in color the effect is, as the woman obviously thought, hilarious.

Similarly with redheads.  This drawing works so well because my markers can celebrate the orange and gold of his hair and—please, notice—the thick fuzz on his arms. And then, the contrast between the two people can only be brought out in color.

Dear fans, color takes only a little longer than black/white. Not much.  Working in color does not involve “coloring in.”  From the very beginning, it’s a different way of working.  I can say so much in color, that in b/w couldn’t be said at all or only with a lot of extra –and time-consuming—lines.

Think color!

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