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Laughter is therapeutic; it dilates the arteries and momentarily releases all tension. Read all about it!   Well, not here exactly.  But I witness this therapeutic effect all the time and document it in these posts by showing the reactions of the people when they first see the drawing.

The Hallmark on Sheridan Road is a residence for seniors, some of whom require quite a bit of help on a daily basis.  How do you throw a party for people who rely on walkers to get across the room?  How to add a little wildness into their life?

It was mid-afternoon on a recent Tuesday and the buffet table in the fifth-floor party room held some plates of shrimp and other nibbles and, ta-tah, red wine.  By definition, that makes the occasion a Happy Hour. But, I assure you,  the ladies didn’t start laughing and opening up until they saw my caricatures of them.  What a rewarding experience for these nonagenarians.  And for me, the artist, who devised all this sneaky therapy from them!  Thank you, Emily and Beverly!  ——————————-

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