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Family and friends came to celebrate Jeremy’s thirteenth birthday in his backyard in Plainfield. It was a plain gorgeous day on the first weekend in September. I drew forty people in three hours.Thank you, Elizabeth and Francisco, for being such thoughtful, kind hosts.

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14NikhilAThis was a birthday party for a one-year-old boy. Family and friends were all Indian. The women and 14NikhilaBgirls were glittering in saris, ghaghras and lehangas. Silk, velvet, and rich embroidery were stunning but, of course, I could not possibly do justice to all these textures and colors. I simply had to simplify due to time restraints—there’s always someone else waiting in line to be drawn—and also because the art of caricature is by its nature about simplifying.
14NikhilCNow, the guys are another matter altogether. Guys come in jeans. Indian, sure, but speaking flawless American English and wearing baggy jeans with a shirt hanging out. Needless to say, this speeds things up considerably in my corner. Occasionally I glance over the dance floor and, I can tell you, the mixture of costumes makes for an interesting scene.

14NikhilDI never did get to draw the birthday boy. I think somebody said he was napping. He’s one, he can do 14NikhilEthat any time he feels like it.

I drew fifteen people in full color in two hours.  Thank you, Nikhi!

All contents copyright (C) 2010 Katherine Hilden. All rights reserved.

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