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Dax1Dave & Buster’s in the Hawthorn Mall is categorized as a “sports bar” but as far as the eye could see, at least my eye, it was all about video games, humongous ones that Dax3popped and shrieked. On the periphery, surprisingly enough, there were sound proofed meeting rooms.  This is where the upper echelons of an international pharmaceutical company held their all-day conference to discuss marketing  and other business nuances I don’t understand.  I was called in to draw four panel members, one of whom was retiring to his home town in Japan and was to receive my drawing as a going-away gift.  I walked in at the designated time, sat down inconspicuously and drew the four heads in a few minutes.  Then I disappeared into the adjacent room, drew in the bodies and slid it into the frame that my host had provided, complete with the mat that the team members had already signed.  The $20 frame was sturdy and elegant.  What a great gift idea for the man who has everything!  Thank you, Dax.—————————–


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