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Wilmette2Among the guests was a furniture designer who flew in from Berlin to be with family at this party. Wilmette1Because of his business, he often goes to Finland, where, I was told, men pride themselves in growing idiosyncratic facial hair. He himself settled on the minimal “soul patch.” Back at my desk, I looked up beards at http://www.beards.org/styles.php. There’s a style called the “Balbo.” Who knew.
One of the women described herself as a cougar. Oh, I said, how old is he. Well, she said, I’m ninety-one and he’s eighty-nine.
In the middle of the lawn was a psychoanalyst’s booth with many signs attached to it. One of them said, “Leave your baggage here.”
There was fabulous singing and banter by Megon McDonough and her accompanist. I didn’t catch where she performs now, but she used to sing at the Gate of Horn when she just started out and once got kissed on the cheek by Frank Sinatra who wished her luck. Her response was to wish him luck, too.
My own work seemed to have been a hit. I got asked back for another party in April. I’ll be there, wouldn’t miss it! Thanks, Carol.


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