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A curly-headed guy sat down on the couch in front of me with 12CassinDustinhis newly engaged fiancé.  This is at Samantha’s birth party—see previous post.  I mentioned  that this was a very comfortable party.

As I’m concentrating on drawing his cherubic face, I say absentmindedly, “I think I’ve drawn you before,”  He doesn’t answer.  I continue, “Was it in Bartlett?” He keeps still.  “Bartlett, on the Fourth of July.”  I ask if he’s ever been in Bartlett.  He say, he has friends in Bartlett.  He smiles.  I’m getting warm.  Then a name comes to mind.  “Your name is Justin, is that it, Justin?  I’ve Dustindrawn you before, right?” He laughs and then he says,  “Dustin.”    “Yessss, that’s it, Dustin.”  He laughs.  I promise to email him the caricature I did of him ten years ago on the Fourth of July  at the edge of a white tent in Bartlett.

When I turned the drawing around for the two of them to see, he threw back his head and laughed.

I hope Rae, the hostess, will forward these photos to him because the slip with his email address got left at the party.  Best to you, Dustin!

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