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Good food, a bartender and that famous caricaturist, Whatsername, is all it takes for a fabulous party. Of Birthday2course, if helps if you have 1) a charming vintage home that your husband, the birthday boy, renovated by himself and 2) great friends and family who have a sense of humor. I just love the reactions of these people to my work. I drew twenty-seven people in two hours.Thank you, Meaghan!
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KohlMuseumB The Kohl Children’s Museum in Northbrook was hosting a benefit. I found an adult size bench for the visitors to sit on—not so easy in a place where everything is Lilliputian—and started to draw. I drew not only the visitors, but also staff, many of whom were college students majoring in early childhood education. One of these was this young woman from Kenya, who now studies at Oakton. I’m featuring her here because of how she reacted to the drawing. She clasped her hands together in an expression of absolute delight. I love this shot! She is clearly happy and will treasure this picture. I get paid well for my work, but there’s more to it. Seeing a reaction like this, makes my day!

All contents copyright (C) 2010 Katherine Hilden. All rights reserved.

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You’ll have noticed that in the shots of the people (the “victims” as some perceptive clients call them), they are always looking to the left of the frame.  That’s because after the drawing is done, I turn it around for them to see and I hold it up in my left hand while simultaneously clicking the shutter of my little Sony with my right.

This is the moment I work for.  Oh, sure, there’s a check at the end of the party, but this reaction, this sudden outburst of laughter—often accompanied by dramatic hand gestures—THIS IS IT!  Sometimes during long parties people ask me if I’m getting tired.  Well, yes, physically, but I’m not aware of it because this hilarity is so rewarding and energizing for me.  I just keep going.  It’s what I love to do.


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