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I had a tent to myself, with extra chairs so that people waiting in line didn’t have to stand, and I drew steadily for six hours with only one short break.  Wentworth Street was jammed with people. http://milwaukeerecord.com/city-life/relive-beet-street-harvest-festival-with-these-photos/

One of the pictures on this site shows a red tractor and you can see it in the background of my photos of the people I drew.  This was my first year participating in this event. The Goodkind organizers said I’d be invited back. So next year you may see pictures of me in The Milwaukee Record.  Yeah!  I’ll be famous in Milwaukee.

The sponsor of my tent, btw, was Jim Beam Apple.  Not being much of a bar hopper, I thought Jim Beam had progressed to making  wholesome apple juice.  Had to look it up: it’s whiskey made from apples. http://www.jimbeam.com/en-us/bourbons/apple.  Next year at this event,  I hope to get a sip. Just a sip; takes concentration to draw caricatures.

What’s particularly interesting to me is that the donations made in my tent all went to a charitable organization that teaches city people how to grow their own food in the city. That’s wonderful.  We need more Growing Power. http://www.growingpower.org

Thanks Lindsey and Katie!

Too many drawings to post from that afternoon.  Here’s a sampling.

img_0385 img_0386 img_0387 img_0388 img_0389 img_0390 img_0391 img_0392 img_0393 img_0394 img_0395 img_0396 img_0397 img_0398 img_0399 img_0400 img_0401 img_0402 img_0403 img_0404 img_0407 img_0408 img_0409 img_0410 img_0411 img_0412 img_0413 img_0414   img_0419 img_0421 img_0422 img_0423 img_0424 img_0425 img_0428 img_0429 img_0430 img_0431 img_0432 img_0433 img_0434 img_0435 img_0436 img_0437 img_0438 img_0440 img_0441 img_0442 img_0443 img_0444 img_0445 img_0446 img_0447 img_0448 img_0449 img_0450 img_0451 img_0452

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