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Rose H., a refined lady d’un certain age, owns a second home in the Rockies somewhere and has been volunteering at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah for many years.  I mention this to let you know that Rose knows a lot of people in the theater and film world and the arts in general.  Four years ago I did a benefit for the Hypocrites Theater Company in the Water Tower and among all the beautiful people mingling there and being themselves, there was Rose—being her gracious and generous.  She used my drawing for her Christmas card and hired me to draw her guests at the Christmas party in her well-appointed Victorian abode by the lake.  When she recently recovered from a medical emergency, she felt she had to let everybody know that she was back on her genteel feet and that they could stop worrying about her.  How do you do this?  Ta-tah, with a caricature by Katherine Hilden!   Great fun, Rose, and thank you for thinking of me.  Best to you!

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