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Just labels, you say?  Oh, no. Labels are a huge industry.  Who knew.

I worked for an international Swedish company at the Rosemont convention center last week. The whole place was swarming with experts on printing machines, color nuances, adhesives and whatnot related to big and small labels.  I drew dozens of people from dozens of countries, but only took a few pictures of my work.  Because it was a business atmosphere, you understand.

Notice that the lower left corner holds a sticker—a label, ta-tah–identifying my client, because that’s the real message we’re trying to get across here.  Notice, also, that I drew right over the label, not much but just enough to make sure it stays on there when people frame the drawing for their office. BTW, labels are much more economical  than pre-printing the paper and they can hold a lot of information–and in color.

People liked the drawings so much that they occasionally showed me photos of kids or girlfriends on their phones.  Sure, I can do that, too.  In that case, I drew on paper that I hadn’t stuck the sticker on.  Everybody went home happy.

Thank you, Cornelia!

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14CantataARosewood is a suburb of Chicago, probably known for some excellent restaurants (it’s close to O’Hare) but for my line of work, it’s all about the convention center. This trade show, at the end of April, brought together the kind people who own, run, and work in nursing, extended care and retirement homes. It seems to be a complicated business.
A company named Cantata orchestrated me into their booth to draw the conventioneers who stuff flyers and trinkets into their logo-encrusted bags. People love to sit down to be drawn. For one thing, they love to sit down! It only takes three or four minutes. Not only do you get to rest your feet, you get to have a good laugh. How therapeutic it that! Then they get to slip this personal drawing into one of their bags. Actually, first they walk around with it and since it’s in a clear plastic sleeve, everybody can see it. The drawing acts like advertising for the company that sponsored it, in this case Cantata. It’s the best thing you can do for your booth at a trade show.
Another good thing you can do: Cantata had pre-printed their logo on the paper. The drawing will get framed and will be displayed in somebody’s office. And there you are, everybody will see your name and you will be remembered. Cantata, Cantata, Cantata! Isn’t that how you’re supposed to think when you’re running a business!?
Thank you, Amy and Bill! (I drew thirty-three people in three hours.)
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This was a well-planned event, with me being booked three months before.  The grand ballroom at the Rosemont CC is huge and the hallways reminded me that we now have seven billion people on the planet—might as well plan for them showing up some evening.  The band played Roaring Twenties tunes with a sweet clarinet, to fit the dominant theme of the evening.  Women wore hats and strands of pearls, guys showed up in dark shirts. A cigarette girl in fishnet stockings was giving away chocolate cigars and flashing rings, one size fits all. On the dance floor, Charleston lessons for all.  Everybody was in such a good mood, the five hours passed in a rhinestone flash.

Again, I’ll show just a small selection of the dozens of drawing (at least 50 people) from Saturday night and the reactions when I turn the drawing around and they first see it.  In this post I’m only showing the drawings with people wearing outer garments, though the women will be in low cut dresses.  In the next post, “Cleavage and Thongs,”  I’ll have drawings of people who didn’t have time to get fully dressed before rushing to this much anticipated party or who were more or less dressed but so sexy that the only way to draw them was un.

Thank you, Missy and Todd!


The woman, above, was due and not sure she would make it through the evening.  this big laugh must have been  good for her and the baby and the father.

Then there are instances where I don’t steady the camera in my right hand and the picture’s blurriness conveys the dynamics of the evening.


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