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I’ve worked with Niagara Falls Tourism before. Last time was at the Hyatt in December 2012, when I NiagaraFallsColorSetting500drew visitors on paper. Paper, you say, that’s normal. But this time, at Fred’s, I drew on canvas bags. There’s no reason why canvas bags can’t be considered normal. They looked darn spiffy!
This time I also did some pre-drawing. I took the Niagara scene and drew it—in color, individually, by hand—on every bag.
“Fred’s at Barney’s New York” is the full name. Barney’s New York is at Oak and Rush in Chicago. You take the Barney’s elevator to the top floor and you’re at Fred’s—elegant, spacious, good view. Take your date to Fred’s!

IMG_6368You might think that your caricature on a bag over your elegant shoulder struttin’ down high priced Oak Street wouldn’t fit. You’d be wrong. The art of caricature is the height of elegance—if practiced with an elegant touch. There are caricaturists who learned the trade from Mad Magazine and those guys, ahem, are not elegant. But, ahem, ahem, I learned the trade from Leonardo, Daumier, Hirschfeld and Carrillo. The art of caricature is as cerebral as whatever sense of irony you can mix into your long-stemmed drink, while reflecting on the superior view.

The bags were purchased on line, excellent quality, good prices, speedy delivery: http://totebagfactory.com/collections/wholesale-cotton-tote-bags/products/q-tees-promo-tote-bag-w-color-q4400
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