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13SchillerPk4This is the moment!  When the drawing is done I hold it in my left hand and in my right hand I position my little Canon ELPH 330 with index finger poised on the shutter.  I turn the drawing around.  People throw their heads back, jaws drop, a shriek of laughter…click!  A moment of pure spontaneity!  I love 13SchillerPk4bthis.

(Click for enlargement.)

The block party was in Schiller Park, in one of the cul-de-sacs at the edge of O’Hare.  I never heard a plane that Saturday afternoon, just giggles of anticipation from the kids and then that wonderful laughter I work for.

At block parties, people tend to arrive later in the afternoon.  My caricatures rewarded the few that came early.  Next year the anticipation will bring them in earlier—just you watch and see.

Thank you, Jennifer!——————————————

13SchillerPk1 13SchillerPk1b



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