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Denim and Silk

You can be forty and trim and youthful and live in a gated community.  Who knew.  You can look like a college track star and have four beautiful children and have ten-foot-high burgundy raw-silk curtains in your sunroom, which also has a swimming pool in it.  Not only that, but all your friends can …ditto, mostly.  The bar looked, well, like a bar. The cake was three-tiered, the wine glasses were the size of soup-tureens.  The livin’ was obviously good.  So, this surprise party for the husband’s 40th birthday in Mundelein last Saturday was definitely on the grand side, though all the guys wore jeans with shirts hanging out (every one of them) and the women kept the jewelry low key and somehow the plates disappeared without any servants in sight.  The jokes were flying and the humor was pointed since these guys were all buddies.  The kids brought me chocolate-dipped strawberries while I was drawing.  Pretty nice cozy little party…in a spectacular sort of way.

Thank you, Mary and Mark.


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