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At large summer festivities there’s often a face painter. Face painters have become very  skillful and imaginative.  Though I encourage people to get there caricature first before they go over to the face painting table, they often forget or ignore that and then come to my stand with a painted face that looks like a mask.  In that case, as followers of these posts know by now, I draw them in profile.  That way I can at least approximate a likeness.

victory2But when I saw this woman I broke the rule.  She’s obviously an older woman, a resident at the retirement home actually, and her demeanor was gentle and dignified.  But her cat face was so funny and endearing, that I decided to go for it.  I simply drew a cat with her face.  She loved it and said she would send it to her kids.

I did a family day at this retirement home about three years ago  and this year I recognized some of those  faces.  That’s always fun.  One of the residents is Mr. T-Bone, who always wears his black baseball cap with that name on it. He remembered me, too.

The Soul Entertainers Band, led by Carlton Moore, was excellent:   (219) 688-1117.


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