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Hammond2A this party in Hammond, Indiana, some natives confirmed for me that Jean Shepherd’s 1983 movie A Christmas Story (based on his book and narrated by him) was set in Hammond, Indiana, his home town. When I got home after the party, I Googled Indiana jokes. Nice try, Hoosiers, but none of those jokes could be applied to Hammond– at least not as I experienced it on Kansas Street. My host was an ophthalmologist with four smart, talented Hammond3kids, one of whom had just graduated from high school.  There was a piano and a HARP in the living room!  Sophisticated, worldly, witty people, just hanging out in Ron’s driveway, being drawn by me.  I loved the repartee!  The puns! The nuances! I love it when people get what I’m doing, which is a form of lying, and lie right back to me—to test me.  As, for example, the top punster telling me that he works for the city—cutting grass.  Ha.


Hammonders apparently think they’re living in a suburb of Chicago.  They just hop the South Shore train to take in some art on Michigan Ave or soak Hammond5up Lincoln Park.

I loved this party on Kansas Street. The best gigs are gigs where I learn stuff and stereotypes are toppled.

Somebody needs to post more up-to-date Indiana jokes.

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14LangBaIt was most gratifying to be called back, this time to draw the guests at Dior’s first birthday party. I had been the caricaturist of choice at the baby shower last February (see https://katherinehilden.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/baby-shower-in-bronzeville/) and here she 14LangBbwas, ta-tah, such a lovely baby.
The birthday party was held in the gym early in March at the Y on Stoney Island at 63rd. Balloons everywhere, including large silver ones to spell out D-I-O-R!
Just a note about face painting. As you can see in these photos, sometimes face-painting can cover so much of the face that it functions like a mask. The child will be recognized by friends and family, but not by a newcomer, like me. I can save the day, however, by drawing the profile, which was what I did for many kids. It works. But party planners may want to set things up in such a way that those who want both a caricature and a face-painting, would have the caricature done first. That way there are more options. Still, the profile strategy works fine.
Thanks again, David!—————————————

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