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I’m leading with this photo to show that women really do pose in this Hollywood glamour style.  It’s unprovoked.  I don’t ask them to play Marilyn. They just do. A woman very often sits down and immediately does this thing with her shoulders, crossed legs, squinty eyes and puckered lips. Those of you who were shocked at the recent post with the three women in red dresses are invited to come to my events. This is real life.  That is to say, real life imitating Hollywood glamour.  You know, that thin line between reality and illusion. That’s were my work takes place.

The Penrod Society in Indianapolis had a fundraiser in the fabulous Stutz building last month and they asked me to draw and draw them in.  Thank you, Giavonna and Cara!


vehicle to support the cultural and educational activities of Indianapolis area artists, students, and arts organizations. The Penrod Society is a volunteer organization, strongly rooted in Central Indiana with a proud history of serving our community.

Specifically, our mission focuses on the cultivation, encouragement and development of public interest in and support of those arts, cultural and educational



Then there’s the opposite, which is also fun. My model here is a poet. Great conversation.

But the glamour thing–flattery–goes over bigger and it has become a hallmark of my work:

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