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13FriendFishingA woman sent me a picture of her friend, wearing sun glasses.  I said, I couldn’t get a likeness unless I had a picture without shades to work from.  He always wears sunglasses,  she replied, she has no other photos of him.  I declined, can’t be done.  Weeks passed.  She emailed again, begging me to do the drawing, now with only four days before she needed it as a present to give to him.  I looked again.  I looked!  The man had lips!  Marlon Brando had nothing on this guy.  She gave me 13FriendFishingFISHno other information about him except that he wears polo shirts and she asked me to make it very funny.  Well, in that case, I can do good work, thank you.  I think this is one of the funniest drawings I’ve ever done.  I thoroughly enjoyed this project.  Thank you, Renata!

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