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This was the “third annual surprise party” for Don in Wilmette. His basketball buddies were there and many of the regulars from last year’s party, whom I got to draw again. This year I drew on t-shirts (what size would you like) and on canvas tote bags (if you prefer). Actually many people opted for the bags, which surprised me, since everybody’s side entrances are overflowing with tote bags. But these looked spiffy!! Since I don’t do offensive caricatures, I’m sure shopping with one of these over your shoulder will get you lots of friendly comments. Either way—the t-shirt or the tote bag—this will be a conversation starter. One woman said she will wear her t-shirt jogging.
I drew an infinite regression—at least a start of one—on one of the shirts. Look, in the drawing on the shirt he’s wearing a shirt with the same drawing on it.

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The family reunion will be held in Mississippi, on the Gulf.  A fellow Evanstonian was in charge of details, like booking the hotel for the hundred or so members of his extended family.  He also planned on printing up t-shirts with the image of the family tree, showing Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Hardy, who had sixteen kids.  William and I met in the public library, where I drew the venerable grandparents for him from precious old photos. He didn’t want a funny caricature, but having studied my work here on this blog, he could tell that I was able to work in different registers, with gradations of humor, including elegant and dignified.

He approved the faces on the spot.  I proceeded with the drawing of the knurly tree and the graceful name scroll.

Perfect, he said, better than expected.  This will look great on all those t-shirts!  Yes!  It’s wonderful to be part of such a project.  Thank you, William!

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