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Chicago Police Officer retires. He loves his job, loves Chicago, loves his Harley. He is shown ripping off the sleeve with the CPD star to reveal a tattoo on his bicep: #1 Tact Guy. Now, I don’t know what that refers to. Is “tact” short for “tactical,” or was he the most tactful guy on the force? Or is tact a tactile part of the Harley engine? No matter, this was fun to draw. Anytime you come up with an activity to put into the drawing, the work will be stronger than, say, having someone sit at a desk with a lot of awards around him/her. Oh, please, give me a ripping idea and I’ll tactically ride with it.
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It’s nice to be asked back.  I was there for the first annual party last June and now I got to draw some of 13YouthHostel2the staff again, always interesting.  The guests, of course, were new, this being a hostel for international travelers.  What a great gift from Chicago!  Notice the tattoos saying “Chicago” in a heart with an arrow through it. I’ll keep that in my bag of tricks. They loved it. I’ll show a few of the drawing here.  The reactions were priceless.  Thank you,  Sharday, and watch out for the corner of Addison and Broadway!

All contents copyright (C) 2010 Katherine Hilden. All rights reserved.




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