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When I reviewed the pictured from  the” Big Tent at the Hilton in Bloomingdale”  picnic, I noticed that I drew a lot of profiles that afternoon.  (See post 9.30.12, two posts ago)

It’s time to talk about how wonderful profile drawings are.  I feel I have to make a point of defending drawings of profiles, because sometimes people don’t want to be drawn from that angle.

I chose to go for the profile for a number of reasons.  It’s often the best angle if the hair is pulled back, so that a front view would just shows an oval of the face, no hair.  It’s a good angle if the nose has a lot of character. Best for drawing glasses.  Often hats work best in profile. If the child has been to the face-painter first, then it’s hard for me to read the front view, but the profile is still clear.  Sometimes it’s the best way to get a drawing done really fast, for example, if there’s pressure from the party organizer.

For kids, I often have to recommend that they take two mirrors and look at their profile and then they will see that the drawing really does look like them.

I love drawing profiles and I love putting that sneaky look into the eye and the pulled up shoulder.  Judge for yourself.


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