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Da Thong

Men usually do show up fully dressed, but sometimes they’re so confident and so sexy that the only way to draw them is stripped down to the essential item.   At fraternity parties—and I’ve done fraternity parties—this all-important item is called “the package.”   It’s great to draw a Speedo, a thong or a caveman’s scrap of leopard skin.   Quick, too, just a flick of the drawing tool.  A generous flick, since the artist gets paid for this perfect stroke.  Ok, enough of this.

Here’s a guy who just collapsed when he saw his drawing.  Not to worry, he then curled himself back up, threw his head back and roared with laughter.  This is good for you, did you know that!  He was obviously a punctual, conscientious, hard-working member of this company, so much so, that he quite obviously didn’t have time to go to the gym.  And he wouldn’t have a tattoo, that much I could also guess.  So, to be portrayed as a muscle man with a tattoo (R is for his wife, Rochelle,  who couldn’t attend this event) was beyond his daily image of himself.  In reality, that is.  In his phantasy life, he probably appears quite a bit like the way I drew him.  Who’s hung up on mere visible reality? Not me– when I’m drawing!

I do hope these drawings are worth a thousand words.  When people double over– head on the table– after seeing the drawing, I can be sure that I’m close to scoring a thousand.————————————————————————-

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