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13Alina2bWhile I was drawing the third couple under the maple trees in the back yard, someone commented on the dark 13Alina2clouds that were suddenly pulling over us.  Within five minutes it came down in buckets.  With help, I managed to rush my materials—wet paper does not like to be drawn on—into the house.  The formal table settings outside could not be rescued. ..a pathetic scene.  Within minutes the power went out in the house.  The hostess suggested that I set up in the play room by the window, though not much light came in there because of the dark weather.  I 13Alina10KEH2pulled out my night-hiker’s light and carried on.  Someone said, I looked like a miner.  We improvise!  The show must go on.

I’ll show some of the picture, but this time in scrambled order—to reflect the feeling of that afternoon.

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13Alina1b 13Alina1 13Alina8b 13Alina3 13Alina3b 13Alina4 13Alina4b 13Alina5b 13Alina6 13Alina6b 13Alina7 13Alina7b 13Alina8 13Alina16 13Alina11 13Alina11b 13Alina12 13Alina13 13Alina14 13Alina15




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