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To fund the art program in his school, Tom Ruiz,  an energetic young principal organized a fund raiser and called it “Art from the Heart.”   It was held in the school gym, involved raffle prizes and, of course, a famous caricaturist.  It would be an exaggeration to say that half the town showed up, but the place was buzzing.  A fun crowd, very personable people and very interested in my technique.  I learned that Crown Point has a population of about 20,000 and six florist shops; I learned this from a couple of florists who sat for me.(He with the flower in his straw hat.)  Somehow, that ratio speaks favorably about a town.  Thank you, Tom!

This was a fabulous event.  Notice the hilarity when they first see the drawing.  Seeing these reactions is very important to me, keeps me inspired.

Notice also, that color makes the drawing funnier.  My color technique is as fast as the black/white technique of other artists.  Working in b/w you have to put more lines down to make the drawing readable, but with a dash of color you can say it all and heighten the humor, to boot.  The bright color of eyes and hair, for example, or red-red hair and freckles.  Not to mention that famous red dress! To study my color technique more closely, click on the drawing for an enlargement.

That’s just a few from that fabulous fundraiser at St. Mary’s, a Catholic School in Crown Point.  Crown Point, Indiana, is where the good parties are!  Who Knew!?

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