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The last time I did a party for Tom and Cathy we were in the pool house. This time they were holding a catered luncheon party for friends of the daughter who were getting married next weekend. We were in the main house and I was set up in the library, using a corner of the host’s hundred-and-fifty-year-old desk. The conversation was pretty good, shall we say, involving an upcoming trip to Paris for a couple of friends, a trip around the world for my hosts and reminiscences of baking adventures in France, Switzerland, Germany and England a number of years ago. The woman in the hat, shown above, had just come back the day before from the Toronto Film Festival. Another stylish young woman told me how nice Ralph Lauren is in person. I enjoy everything about Tom and Cathy’s parties, including the three-quarter-of-a-mile drive way through fields and woods from the main road. Really wonderful people! They collect my drawings of them and there they are framed on the library shelf on the other side of the camouflaged Dickens ‘n’ Balzac film noir liquor cabinet. Love ya, let’s do this again soon.
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