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14CantataARosewood is a suburb of Chicago, probably known for some excellent restaurants (it’s close to O’Hare) but for my line of work, it’s all about the convention center. This trade show, at the end of April, brought together the kind people who own, run, and work in nursing, extended care and retirement homes. It seems to be a complicated business.
A company named Cantata orchestrated me into their booth to draw the conventioneers who stuff flyers and trinkets into their logo-encrusted bags. People love to sit down to be drawn. For one thing, they love to sit down! It only takes three or four minutes. Not only do you get to rest your feet, you get to have a good laugh. How therapeutic it that! Then they get to slip this personal drawing into one of their bags. Actually, first they walk around with it and since it’s in a clear plastic sleeve, everybody can see it. The drawing acts like advertising for the company that sponsored it, in this case Cantata. It’s the best thing you can do for your booth at a trade show.
Another good thing you can do: Cantata had pre-printed their logo on the paper. The drawing will get framed and will be displayed in somebody’s office. And there you are, everybody will see your name and you will be remembered. Cantata, Cantata, Cantata! Isn’t that how you’re supposed to think when you’re running a business!?
Thank you, Amy and Bill! (I drew thirty-three people in three hours.)
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