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Last year the party theme was Circus. This year Lilly turned seven and French2mom thought, let’s do Paris this year. Decorating the house started two weeks before the party. Shopping for all the items started, oh, weeks before that. The Eiffel Tower was everywhere, on a ribbon that went around the room, on a photo backdrop, where people posed with a black-and-white striped Parisian umbrella. Mom had made the drawing in the style of the Madeleine books, which in turn looked like Duffy. (Can’t help it, talk of Paris makes me babble art history.) All the guests got a black French beret, with Lilly getting one in pink, with a heart. She wore a tutu, straight out of Degas. Marcel Marceau was channeled by a family friend named Ben. As a mime you can speak flawless French without FrenchMoispeaking a word. I, however, did practice my French on everybody, rolling my R furiously (feels so good in the throat) and teaching the kids to say, “je m’appelle…”
Upstairs, the kitchen du jour was called Café de Lillian, with the menu written in chalk on a vertical blackboard, in both French and English. Mon dieu! Quel travail dur pour maman. She enjoyed every minute and her excitement was infectious. Merçi beaucoup, Barbara.
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