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VillaPark1Isa graduated from high school and mom went all out to celebrate. Food was everywhere and huge containers of ice for drinks. An uncle had arranged the lighting, tiny lights strung along the railing of the deck and then when it got dark, he brought out a spot light, just like that. All in all, a lovely party. Thank you, Jacqui.
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The Sugar Creek Golf Club in Villa Park was a perfect setting for this cozy family party to celebrate Kaylee and Karlee’s first birthday.  It was a warm early-spring Sunday afternoon, but a bit blustery and so most  guests preferred the party room.  There were lots of toddlers and school age kids and I drew them all, with time left over for some couples.  Bailee, age ten months, and  propped in a high chair at a table close to me, showed interest in my work as soon as I arrived.  Here she is, curious about how she turned out.  The twins, Karlee and Kaylee, took time out from their social obligations and finally sat for me, but only for a few seconds.  A few seconds is all it really takes sometimes.  I’ve learned that one-year-olds have to be drawn very fast.  It’s fun.    Thank you, Brittney!


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