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It’s my favorite art supply store.  I’ve bought my painting supplies there for years: oils, acrylic, linseed, brushes, stretchers, and canvas on the bolt.  Great products, all.  But it wasn’t until this past fall, October maybe, that I noticed that Utrecht had a house brand marker.  I tried the nib and fell in love with it.  By nib I mean the point end (the chisel ends of markers behave pretty much the same way).  Drawing with the point end is like painting with a brush; all the nuances and possibilities are there.  I was so enthusiastic about this discovery that the next time I was in the Loop I walked into Utrecht for yet more Utrecht markers and mentioned my excitement over this product to the assistant manager.  I would be happy to do a demo, I said, to promote this wonderful marker.  Good idea, let’s do it!

Utrecht used to be on the corner of Michigan and Jackson, near the School of the Art Institute and those students would buy their supplies at Utrecht.  The new location, on Wabash between Monroe and Madison, is just as convenient.  Same knowledgeable sales staff, bigger store, more products.

For the caricature demo using Utrecht markers on Canson Lay-Out paper I was set up directly in front of the entrance.  It was great to face colleagues (art students and art teachers) across my drawing board.  Here are a few of the people I drew last week.

My next demo at Utrecht is scheduled for Wednesday, February 8, late afternoon-early evening.   The drawings are free.

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