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Once you’ve seen the party space and the view from it, why would you hold your wedding reception anywhere else!?   The Adler Planetarium is at the tip of a long pier and the party room curves towards the sky line and the lake—all glass, for a spectacular view.  Day or night. I was fortunate to be set up for my work so that I could get a glimpse of the view. Ahhh.

This wedding reception was in the evening and the cocktail hour was set in a blue-lit spaceship, or so you would think.  From beginning to end, this evening was a dream.  The marriage was made in the stars…or find your own star-inspired, spacy metaphor.

As usual, the bride and groom slipped back to the dance floor as soon as the drawing was outlined and so I don’t have a shot of them as their formally dressed, beaming selves.

Friends and family thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as you can see from the photos here.  It’s obvious that they were inspired and that they inspired me.

I love drawing pregnant couples.  You can tell, right? And about the next …this man, a wit and charming braggadocio, promised that my blog would go viral as soon as I posted his photo.  Let’s see. Oh, it’s some joke about a cheese.

I drew many more, but this will have to do here.

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