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14WholeFoodsAI’ve done this event twice before and it’s nice to be 14WholeFoodsBcalled back. This is not a big party. The workers just come to sit for me to get their caricature. It makes the day, lifts the spirits a bit and shows them that the administration hopes they will continue in their dedication to the job. I’m set up in one of the upstairs office/meeting rooms. Very low key, very comfortable. The employees obviously enjoy my 14WholeFoodsDwork because I drew some of them last year and here they are again. It’s always fun! I enjoy this Northbrook crew. Thanks again, Andrea!
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You think Whole Foods is a beautiful store. You should see the beautiful people in the back who make it all possible!   I was set up in the employee lounge and anybody who wanted to spend her or his break sitting in front of me to be drawn funny, could be drawn…funny.    Great atmosphere.  Loved it.  Learned that Lhakpa in Tibetan means Wednesday, Pawku in Burmese means Flower and Adiel means ornament of god in a Canaanite language.  The oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips and cranberries were to die for, abundant, and free. This is how companies should be run:  show the folks who work for you that you appreciate them.  Builds moral, good for them, good for you.  Thank you, Calandra!

All contents copyright (C) 2010 Katherine Hilden. All rights reserved.



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