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Promoting products at Kraft Foods, Tom N. apparently beat the competition in the field of hot dogs.  Kraft champions Oscar Mayer Wieners, a wiener that’s personified by its own sexy car. Am I allowed to say that?  And am I allowed to put forth the theory that if you associate your product with a sexy car, in the country of Henry Ford, your product will take off and win the race?  Well, as a caricature artist I’m grateful for the Wienermobile.  I can draw any car you want funny, but give me a Wienermobile and my job is done for me.  I just  looked it up: the Wienermobile is 28 feet long and there are only eight of them in use now.  The first model was built in 1936 and the 1950’s model is in the Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI.  Well, anyway, congratulations Kraft and congratulations Tom!

(Oh, and in my retirement drawings everybody comes out looking twenty-four.  I don’t have a wrinkle pen,  a deficiency that works like a charm.)

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